28 Years of Dr. Comics and Mr. Games

Dr. Comics, my local comics store had a celebration of 28 years in business. They invited old staff and customers from over the years back.


Michael Pandolfo has been a great aid to the comics community and the community. Michael gives lots of kids their first job, and helps them figure out how to be an adult in the world. And for those of us who have a hard time figuring things out he still just sells us comics, lots, and lots of comics. The Cap is my thank you present for the 26 years of gab, friendship, and support. It’s drawn in Flash 6 on the computer and inked with brushes on paper as I slowly work my back into an organic style.


The bloody story of preening maniacs fighting over control of ancient Rome. Adapting into 200 pages of thundering expressionistic comics. For sale in print here!

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Teaching Comics not Code

The Cartoon Art Museum asked me to teach a class in comics for adults. Seeing a student’s brain light up as they grasp knowledge they never thought they could master, is rewarding. So of course I said yes.


I had fifty years of obsessing about comics to compress into five weeks. I was going to stuff it all into their heads. I broke the classes down into Structure, Plot ,Pattern Languages, Light and Time and Color.


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3 years of Daily Kirby

Why Copy Jack Kirby’s Work?

I realized in starting to draw Julius Caesar, based on Jack Kirby’s designs, I was in trouble. Shakespeare didn’t work as comics, Kirby’s work based in action was a bad way to approach Shakespeare, I was lost. To study Kirby’s work, I started copying a page a day. To study Shakespeare, I just made the comic. Huge walls of greatness loomed in front of me. There was nothing to do but draw.

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