Mark Badger started in comics with The Gargolye mini-series in the mid-eighties. He drew assorted superhero comics from Batman: Jazz and Run Riddler Run to Spider-Man Online for AOL and Marvel, among others during the 80’s and 90’s.The super-heroes were often confronted by unusual issues such as jazz, racism, gentrification, sweat shops, and unions along with confronting the more usual threats of giant robots, dastardly villains, and monsters.

His online comics led to game and web development along with teaching ActionScript and HTML for 15 years. He’s returned to comics now and has just finished William Shakespeare’s JULIUS CAESAR and is working on an ongoing series, ABSTRACT KIRBY, which melds his lifelong interests of Jack Kirby, storytelling and abstraction. His latest work is JUST DRAW, a manual for the stressed out artists to get their work done.