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Hi Mark,
I commissioned some art from you back in 2021 thru the Comic Art Museum in California. To be brief, when I ordered the art I was going through numerous medical issues that led to me losing my eyesight completely. So when I received the art, I had to rely on my wife and son describing it to me. A fun exercise, but not like seeing it with your own eyes. So, through the miracle of modern science, I can see again for the first time in 2.5 years, and just found your art tucked away in a drawer in my home office. Both pieces, 2 prelims, and a few life drawings were in the original envelope along with a lovely note from you. Art has always been one of my greatest loves. Being able to finally see these pieces really struck a chord with me. They are beautiful, and I thank you so much for creating them. I wish you all the best! FYI, they were of Miracleman and Galactus.

Hello Mark Badger, I’ve recently been reading the 1988 Martian Manhunter 4 issue mini you worked on.
The art is very impressive and unique, and I was curious about what exact materials you used to draw and color it, as it really stands out from everything else I’ve been reading in the era, and I really just can’t quite figure it out. To me it feels closest to colored pencils.
I have been trying to find interviews where you may have mentioned such details, and have had no such luck. I’m also unsure of the best way to contact you for this information, so I decided iImight as well try here.
I would sincerely appreciate any information you’re willing to share about your creative process on the project. Thank you very much in advance.

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