Cara is blue but Nick is losing it

Carabella Online Comic Chapter 8- episode 1

Looking at a print version of Carabella, yes you can get the whole story in print, on paper makes me see conceptually print isn’t screen and vice-a-versa. Print is softer and smaller scale but more real, because you hold all 130 pages in your hands. You can scan a page before focusing in on a panels and flipping thru it is a different experience then clicking thru a story from screen to screen or scrolling.

I’m sure I should win awards for such brilliant conclusions. of course it seems like most of the people who want to turn comics into screen experiences want to make sure they take all control out of the creators hands and provide the dumb creator just a place to draw the pictures. So the challenge now is to learn android development or how to port Flash to Android and then learn i-phone development to replace Flash.

Episode 1 of Chapter 8 of Carabella’s Online Comic is here!

Written by Gerard Jones and drawn by Mark Badger

order it on Amazon here

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