Breccia Comics Drawing Teaching

Breccia page 4, no cliches

Breccia's page 4 of Algeria


Breccia doesn’t show us what we know. He uses shell casings to make the transition from Ahmed’s face across into the montage, into the past. Shell casings to direct the eye in from the right and focus on the monster face.

Shell casings to be horizontals that hold the diagonals of the montage together. The diagonals that focus on the soldiers back, the x of his straps crossing with the shell casings to wedge your eye in and hold it

Have you ever seen a story with shell casings made an important part of it?

Breccia Comics Drawing

Pg three of Breccia’s Algeria

Breccia toys with drawing to make you read. He covers Ahmed’s eyes, and turns the other “terrorists” into shadows. In panel two Phillippe’s back is slightly off center, it stops the arc of the ground into Ahmed’s hand of tendons and brushstrokes of equal weight as Phillippe’s body in the last panel isolating the middle. The tension in the tendons becoming the whole point of the sequence, while telling the story.