Comics Drawing

Inked Bat Girl for Big Wow Comic-con


And inks on paper for Batgirl for the Big Wow Comic Con Auction. Where I’ll be at a table shilling Julius Caesar and Abstract Comics and talking about the Jack Kirby Museum with a panel, including Steve Leialoha, Trina Robbins and Bruce Simon talking history for them and how Jack’s work effects them today and in thepast.

Trina promises the greatest Kirby Story ever!

Comics Drawing Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar


Working drawing are always better then finishes, it’s that your thinking about drawing and not just the sign that is telling a story. The drawing is alive at this point. I’m tired of killing my drawings

Comics Drawing

Casca 2 hours = 15 Minutes


The pain of drawing is that it takes two hours of throwing away drawing to get the fifteen minutes that produce the right rhythm in the drawing. Now drawing’s have to be abstraction that work as drawing not just figures, and after a day of teaching it’s hard to go back to that.

Comics Drawing Jack Kirby

Drawing is hard

Jacks Costumes are just confusing to draw because there flat and sculpture.