Jack Kirby Julius Caesar

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Why Copy Jack Kirby’s Work?

I realized in starting to draw Julius Caesar, based on Jack Kirby’s designs, I was in trouble. Shakespeare didn’t work as comics, Kirby’s work based in action was a bad way to approach Shakespeare, I was lost. To study Kirby’s work, I started copying a page a day. To study Shakespeare, I just made the comic. Huge walls of greatness loomed in front of me. There was nothing to do but draw.

Julius Caesar

Working Drawing from Julius Caesar


’Caesar, beware of Brutus; take heed of Cassius;
come not near Casca; have an eye to Cinna, trust not
Trebonius: mark well Metellus Cimber: Decius Brutus
loves thee not: thou hast wronged Caius Ligarius.
There is but one mind in all these men, and it is
bent against Caesar. If thou beest not immortal,
look about you: security gives way to conspiracy.
The mighty gods defend thee!

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Comics Drawing Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar


Working drawing are always better then finishes, it’s that your thinking about drawing and not just the sign that is telling a story. The drawing is alive at this point. I’m tired of killing my drawings