Developing the Craft of Comics

There’s another thread on Panels and Pixels where a bunch of writers say it’s my story, my beats and I should tell the artist what to do. Some in polite terms, some in arrogant terms, some even recodnise that comics when working with an artist is a collaborative medium.

But the way you become good at a craft is by doing it, the endless practice of sitting at the computer working on your storytelling is how anyone gets good.

Writers never ever sit at a table and make a comic, no matter what they do, a keyboard alone cannot in any way shape or form make a comic. Script or plot isn’t a comic.

If you want to make good comics you have to make comics, do the actual craft. Drawing a page is so much closer to doing a comic and the reason so many comics suck is the expectation that script is a comic.

Its either a collaboration or a one man job, scripts ain’t nothing in comics

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