Gargoyle created by J.M. DeMatteis and Don Perlin

Graphite sketch for a pastel pin-up of Gargoyle, that I did for Marvel Fanfare, Allen Milgrom’s let people play and do cool stuff buck. I could never get decent scans/reproduction from pastels and looking at this sometimes I wonder how did I ever get work at Marvel DC?”

Stylistically this stuff was so radical to what they considered comics then let alone now, I’m shocked I ever got a spiderman visitor pass.

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because I’m an absent minded doofus that’s why.

I met Perlin in Carl Pott’s office. Pott’s was getting Perlin to do the best work he had done in a long time by exposing him to new artwork and asking him to draw more not just crank it out. Don saif Gargoyle was based on the Prince Valiant page that Jack based The Demon on, interesting I geuss he was the same age as Jack more or less.

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