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Gudrun og Gudrun Flash interface structured for still pictures

Gudrun og Gudrun.

A nice fashion site, to allow browsing of items but provide some standard storytelling for ads too. The site uses full browser window video, overlayed with a white band filled with thumbnails, clicking a thumbnail expands that image on white to full screen. A double click zoom ain’t totally working to zoom even closer.

The full screen video play the “life” story while the band of images show you everything you can pick from, giving the shopper their browsing ability and their overview of how cool is my lifestyle if I wear these clothes.

This is nice internet storytelling, because the use always knows where they are, can have an overview of the “story” and see a mor eintimate in the middle of it chunk.

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Wow, Flash video compression is pretty impressive! I wonder what that site would look like on an old modem… Seems like the clients they are trying to reach likely have broadband, tho.

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