Casting Timelines as Movie Clips to get them to work!

I think there are no global variables in timelines any more in AS 3… I can declare a variable at the top and a nested movie clip can’t find it, sighhh. It seems easier to work in classes by the day, of course teaching classes is a bear. Teaching classes, teaching Flash, and teaching programming all at once is a very big bear.

In rewriting a Flash class for AS 3 all my strategies for revealing the structure of Flash by example need to be re-worked

When an undefined property or function or undefined something is showing up it is often because Flash is treating the object as a display container and not a movie clip, to get this to work cast the reference as a MovieClip


more at <a href=””>Casting</a>

And to get nested MovieClips to work with ActinScript ont he timeline you have to name them at the start of the MovieClip, it seems that each movieclip is a class in the program so any variables not declared (movie clips on the timeline are objects to reference them they need a name) can be renamed eventually, my head is spinning spinning spinning on getting this to work.


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