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Teaching about Data

One of the Learning Goals of the Advanced Flash class is teaching data as a different way of thinking for artists.

We’re no longer just making images one by one by one, but relating to a structure that we pour content into. the approach of master pages, templates and styles of InDesign and Quark is being transferrred over to everything.

For the advanced Flash class at the Academy of Art over the summer, artist advanced not Computer Science advanced, an introduction to classes and OOP. I need to reveal that classes and OOP is how styles and templates is built, a metaphor no one ever talks about, why I wonder.

So the two threads to hang things on

A history of one person, famous, family or fictional, a negative or positive view.
A study of ten years or a story project, because god knows I don’t want to do an info project as a demo.

Both will be made with the same set of classes we build, so each weeks assignment will be two separate designs due, start by changing the xml of a simple slide show, as we add button classes they will have to pull in seperate assets but always using the same classes by changing the xml and parameters we should be able to produce two different designs.

It would be cool if I could figure out a structure for doing a game in this context.

They’ll get to pick, or work on their thesis for the final five weeks of course.

3 replies on “Teaching about Data”

Man the joke is on you, go ahead and teach art students arrays in two weeks, wait until you see those blank stares, the puppy hang dog faces. Don’t stop there teach them xml and classes too! martha and I will come and take your class just to laugh at you suffering.

Seriously before you start we should do a beer, and go over the syllabus so you don’t kill yourself with how little you teach.


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