Practicing Stick figures

The mornings deliberate practice on 2/22/10;

I’m breaking gesture drawings down into head- arms and shoulders, a u shape, then a gesture line/or body shape to the foot. It’s easy enough to do talking thumbs when I got to a punch then building the drawing got confusing and lost, my concentration fell into, “i can’t draw this” partially it’s wanting to capture the force of a Jim Aparo punch from my adolescence in an issue of Aquaman. I don’t have the comic, but I remember the drawing and the strength of it, it didn’t feel like a standard Aparo drawing at the time, one of those drawings echo through all the drawings you do trying to capture the feel of it. So I’ve now gone to using Ugly Betty episodes to draw thumbs from breaking figures down into this system. While looking at “reality” is important, I’m adding some time to working on a page so it’s applied back into a story

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