Carabella Online Comic Chapter 6- episode 2

Nick takes a shot at convincing Carabella his dream is real and possible.

Episode 2 of Chapter 6 of Carabella’s Online Comic is here!

Written by Gerard Jones and drawn by Mark Badger

Pre-order it for July from NBM Press or order it on Amazon here

I’ve added a page background to my screens. The background defines the space I’m working in. I wanted something so I wasn’t staring a sequence with empty screen, hence the background. I’m beginning to think that the transition is where all the oomph of comics online are formally. How you put together a drawing on the stage and control the loading of the images is what makes online, online and not film and not comics. This only happens when you do multiple page stories, one image is one image on screen or page, but add a couple of pages and you have a different experience. The pages change the way you think about story and form. Probably explains the success relatively of comic strips online. they are building off of a craft and vocabulary that exists. Online stories kind of suck right now because there isn’t any foundation for telling things on the web so it has defaulted to the easiest presentation of slide shows not working with the form.

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