She’s got a Blue Label on Her

Carabella Online Comic Chapter 7- episode 3

I think that on-screen reading is actually harder to read then print because the screen changes don’t allow you to progress across visual design. So a page change even if the pages are static is a shift or beat point that is different then turning a page in a book. So because of that I’m starting to break the text down more, playing with “graphic design” layout instead of a comics layout here. The advantage of screen comics is that text can be extended over a scaled version of the image because your not designing to a fixed page so when the writer is in yakkety yak mode you can play to extend the timing of the words.

Of course he’ll probably complain about this too somewhere, writers are so picky about their words.

Episode 3 of Chapter 7 of Carabella’s Online Comic is here!

Written by Gerard Jones and drawn by Mark Badger

Pre-order it for July from NBM Press or order it on Amazon here

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