The Evil Zuda, Using it to think about webcomics

It’s funny DC Comics was when I worked for them an extremely Catholic place, if you did not follow the rules of the current Pope and his bishops you were banished to the nether regions of hell. Watching from that hell it’s fun watching DC enter into the blogosphere and low and behold the Comics Blogosphere turned out to be an extremely Catholic place that blames many of the evils of DC all on the evils of Adobe Flash.

One group of close minded priests picking at another group of close minded priests, the blogosphere as close minded as the editors of DC, sad. For me it’s just interesting to see people try and do comics on the web in different ways and not settle for single screens as the only craft model.

When you draw comics on a page you are constructing a facscimile of how the page will be viewed and layering it on your desktop is like a book, on screen we get the screen, my screen never changes never flips and I can’t take it to the toilet with me.

So how do you frame the drawings in context of the screen, how do the drawings load into that space and let you see the story, place one to play at is the timeline, why do you use time to structure your whole story and not your individual pages?

No matter how you construct it a web page is about time not about space, if your have a stream going through one place it is time, wheras the book is taking up space , the simple answer is you ignore time and construct small units that work as indivisual screens, individual screens allow you tomake your unit and go from there building slowly as the thing works

So elements of a web comic would involve single screens with multiple panels or not balanced against a use of the timeline to introduce panels in a context , there is a pattern in there somewhere.

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