Thinking about clicks in Carabella Chapter 2 episode 8

Thinking about what happens on the click.


The click in Carabella replaces frames, it moves us across to the next set of images. If I want the just comics transparent experience of making a comics I would just show new images and be done with it. This is sort of the Zuda/WebComics approach, click and be done with it, comics on screen are just the other version of comics in print.

Then we can click and animate and provide a transition, the transition becomes akin to the page turn, stringing out time before we see the next panels, providing some structure to the experience of clicking.

The first and obvious way to do this is with Sequencing via animation either in scrolling using the browser or in fading panels in with Flash.

In this episode I’m setting up the click to show one layout then transition to the final animation and not just sequence the panels into view. Its still a simple approach by just working back-wards from the final image to the beginning image. It’s different because it provides a more immediete impact visually on the release of the mouse and then lets the sequence move you into the final state.

Carabella finds that writing her memoir is harder to negotiate then she thought, given her memoirs.

Episode 8 of Chapter 2 of Carabella is here

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