Waiting for the bus in Oakland

It wasn’t any longer wait then usual for the bus, but the drawing seemed easier to do then the usual sketchbook time filling doodle. In meditation you are always faced with how random thoughts keep coming into your head and distracting you from paying attention to your breath. It seems really stupid to pay attention to your breath. I mean big deal I’ve been breathing for fifty years. Why pay attention to something you’ve been doing for so damn long?

But in this drawing I felt more focused on just the drawing, not waiting for the bus, not the cars zipping by, not the people waiting with me, just drawing. I was paying attention to the drawing in a way that felt different. I’ve been drawing almost as long as I have been breathing. But all the practice of paying attention to the breath seems to be creeping into other things now. Funny to feel a shift in the drawing even now.

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