1 Minute Morning Warmup Exercise


To develop the ability to draw figures as cartoons based on representation and the exploration of drawing


  1. Draw a line of action from heel to head as a starting point.
  2. Use the 30-second stick figure to define where the structure is. The limbs are seen as gesture line looking to capture the movement and placement in space.
  3. All shapes work with the relationship of straight to curve.
  4. Experiment with scale for shapes to develop cartooning.
  5. Stay aware of overlaps for placement in space.


Lines are simplified, and consistently work straight and curve against each other for movement.
There’s a clear silhouette.
Proportions are not realistic and always pushed towards character development.
The figure works in space.

Proportions are natural.
Lines are focused on form and not the movement.
The Figure doesn’t work in a 3-d space.

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