5 Minute Warmup Drawing


To break up a composition into 3–5 main shapes, create a center of interest through focusing the direction of the brushstrokes and shapes.


  1. 4 panels per page, Define space into 3–5 shapes with pencil, focus on the foreground, middle, back, 30 secs.
  2. Define the center of interest and goal of the picture in my head.
  3. DO a 30 second gesture of the main figure.
  4. Block in main dark areas.
  5. With lines focus on curves versus straights in all of the shapes.


The positive and negative of the drawing is clear. The center moves around in each panel at least. The drawings brush strokes don’t just don’t represent the shapes but move the eye through the picture through direction and repetition.
No defined center of interest
Size of all the shapes are the same

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