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A great discussion of color in comics

Jog – The Blog: D├ęsastre Hurlant (T4): Is Man Good?.

Can blog posts be used to beat artists and editors over the head? This should be as it looks at the new editions of Moebius Incal work and the terrible coloring. The early Epic editions in America had some of the greatest coloring ever done in comics. the work was destroyed in the new edition.

What makes comics cool is the balance between line drawing and representation, line allows an abstraction and a personal handwriting that “painting” just can’t match. Painting take time and you can’t make a detailed painting that is catching a moment in time. The new technology is destroying the hand in capturing the moment almost every day.

Which is of course why I work in Flash and limit myself to three values so I have some sense of gesture and drawing although I’m painting as I color work.

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