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The Coolest Comic of 1976

Walt SiImonson and Archie Goodwin's follow up to Manhunter
Walt Simonson and Archie Goodwin do great comics

Back when we had to walk to school barefoot in a snowstorm and there were only two comic book company’s Marvel and DC, another company called Atlas appeared on the stands. Walt Simonson passed on this link to me of “The Temple of the Spider” published in one of there black and white magazines. It was a follow up of the Manhunter series he had recently finished with Archie Goodwin at DC. It’s a fine fine job of pushing a Hunt 102(I think) to it’s edge, looking at it, I assum,e Walt broke a few dozen pen points in inking it, wonderful hatching technique, cool reference, (do kids these days even know who Kurosawa is?) just the best lettering with cool storytelling effects like breaking the slice of the spider’s legs into three panels.

check it out here

The Temple of the Spider

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