A Magazine in the Mail

I have Multiple Sclerosis, it’s not a big deal for me, because each morning I stick myself with a needle and shoot some magic drugs into my fat. Those drugs keep me walking, talking and working, a productive member of society. I have a great wife who works an office job so we have insurance and I can play artiste. Today I got the MS Connection from the Multiple Sclerosis Society. It’s headline,


It then covers the next 4 years and the changes for the better that it’s going to make for all the people with MS, it’s an end to the fear and pains of dealing with Insurance Companies doing everything they can to kill you. It’s a real level of peace of mind for people with MS. It’s what Government is supposed to do for you , make every one’s life better, not just the rich a-holes of Wall Street. Not just the Rand Paul’s who suck at the tit of Government handouts but try and kill it’s benefits for all of the rest of us.

It’s what Democrats do for people and damn it, today I’m really proud of my President and my party.

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