The Truth at last

Carabella Online Comic Chapter 7- episode 6

Carabella finally spills the beans to Nick, will he be a sensitive guy? Pr is starting to hit the web and people are mentioning Carabella that it’s going to be released in San Diego. It’s weird to come back to print comics and find they have fully embraced the web. Haunted man and Spiderman Online where so early in the web they have been wiped out of all the histories of comics and web comics. it’s like we never did those and they didn’t exist. Whine whine whine goes the artist

Episode 6 of Chapter 7 of Carabella’s Online Comic is here!

Written by Gerard Jones and drawn by Mark Badger

Pre-order it for July from NBM Press or order it on Amazon here

2 replies on “The Truth at last”

Typical male response, great chapter. It’s gonna be great to finally have this in a book (but it’ll be missing those cool effects.. oh, well).

Did you work on those early webcomics? We’re talking early-mid 90s here, right? I never saw but only heard of a Spider-man online comic. What the hell is Haunted Man, though??

Yeah I was the only artist who new what a comic was back in Marvel’s AOL days. I need to stick some of my early work up, I got to do finishes over Sal Buscema among others. Lot’s of cheap three-d and other effects loaded in.

Haunted man was a Dark Horse Comic for an issue and a long web comic in Flash. Someday I’ll get it up again.

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