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A Pattern Language for Abstract Sex

So I’m looking at Japanese art and thinking about Pattern languages and creating one for comics. Because I’m working on Abstract Sex comics they have to fit into non-objective terms not the standard narrative image based stuff.

Pattern: Diagonal Trifold

Structure: Use three panels create a strong diagonal that runs across them use the shapes to flow from one to another.

Reason: To create a compositional unit out of the panels break the sequence and turn it into a set, In abstract comics this is the tension between panel as design and panel as time unit, there is no way to really deal with time give the abstraction removes you from the feel of what people should be doing. So the drawing takes on a level of design.
In abstraction it’s the time of the making, the layered levels of the drawing that become alive not the narrative scope of what the “characters” are doing. the real question is can you pull figures into being pure abstraction anymore. This is a page where by crpping figures become shape, simplifying figures into shapes doesn’t take them out of readability any more. Figures that are weird shapes are just cartoons now. Picasso has been turned into Steven DeStefano now

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