Abstract Comics-

3 panels of an abstract comic

Here’s three panels of a “story”. Fantagraphics is going to do a book on Abstract Comics with Andrei Molotiu . he found me though a google search of my posting of a college drawing and asked me to color the pencil drawing.

It’s of course very odd to look back and redraw/ink 30 year old work but the issue of what abstraction is these days, what’s its’ value and how the heck do you bring abstraction to comics is a challenge. If comics are narrative then that means same size panels imply a structure but if you break a page into different layouts structures, it breaks that implication of time. Then you need the characters to carry the time from panel to panel.

But if your characters are just shape and you crop and clip like a good DEgas fanatic your shapes become not character and transforming and moving things.

It’s funny at 20 I knew it all at 50 I realize as Sgt. Schulz would say, “I know nothing I know nothing”

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