Comics Drawing

Creating a drawing style

Sketchbook drawing of figures
Having thrown out the book I started drawing lines and shapes trying to figure out where to go. I want a depictionof 3-d shapes but nor drawn as blocks, the cambiaso work building off of those blocks leads me to want more drawing in my work, but I don’t want to be realistic I want the power of that.

I always find myself thinking about Lorenzo Mattoti’s work which leads to strong abstract compositions not a reality space and my head always comes back to Jacks work. he had abstracted out shapes and broken them down into a storytelling space not a drawing space.

Do I even have a clue what I am babbling about here? I want gesture and cheesecake and reality but I don’t want the icons of drawing the way flat drawing is. It’s almost easier to say what I don’t want then what I want.
Sketchbook drawing of figures

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