Abstract Sex

3 panels from my current story
3 panels from my current story

So I’ve been drawing porn. Not porn comics, but literally doing drawings from video from an alt porn site. Not inflated tan blonds, but girls, obviously legal age, but like models you would get in a life drawing class, only doing naughty things. Now I’m really a dirty old man. I probably shouldn’t be doing this, even if artist from the walls of Pompeii on have done it, I got a kid, teach, have a wife, do political work, but it’s a really interesting way to get active bodies doing something sexy that isn’t pin-ups. I admit it while I can see the value of pin-up/cheesecake art it doesn’t hit me in that spot. It’s really hard imagining a Vargas woman being able to hold a conversation and I like smart women.

Then I’m taking my drawings and making them into abstractions. It’s a challenge because I don’t really think of myself as an abstract artist, nor am I a real cartoonist any more. So in the end I have to draw just based on my primal instincts of what i want the drawing to look like. It’s really hard to sit with some scribbles and have no pre-conceived idea of what your trying to do. I’m not even trying to reference De Kooning’s work in this. I’m just trying to draw based on what I like as drawing. The sex grounds it in even something more primal then making marks on a page. But I’m trying to find that thing I responded to in Barry Smith’s Red Nails , Jeff Jones’s Idyl or Elsworth Kelly’s paintings

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