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Alex Toth’s White Devil, Yellow Devil as inspiration for Ghandi

Alex Toth did a great story called White Devil yellow Devil that was set in world War Two, when it came out I didn’t know who he was or that it was supposed to be cool but the patterns he created with foliage was just something I’ve never seen before. As I’ve been drawing this story I’ve thought about the and their portrayal of modern city’s through loose brushstrokes but in the end my brain just wanted to do a Toth on the foliage at the end of this story.

Ghandi in Union Square at the end of a story

A page from the story…

Alex toth page from white Devil yellow Devil

Erik Weems has written a nice article with a couple of larger scans of it, now I have to go find the whole story somewhere in my box of comics.

And I hate the fact that html tags take all sorts of work to get them to work right in WordPress, I guess i have to upgrade, sighhhhh.

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