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Drawing Comics with Adobe Flash-Backgrounds

I love drawing backgrounds, it’s somewhat self indulgent to fiddle with your backgrounds, but drawing New York City is just fun. partially NYC just looks the way a comic book city is supposed to look, water towers tons of people of all sorts, buildings from all time period it makes me feel young again. There’s nothing like drawing Union Square where looking downtown the main building is the New School at 14th and university, looking uptown is the view from the rooftop of Parsons Fine Arts Department. Anything that creates that feel of being a kid and sitting around discussing “profound” ideas about art can only make me happy.

Here’s the New School in the background.

Comic panel with background of Union Square and the new School

And you’ll notice in the background again the same drawing, scaled alittle differently and with a different value. And no people walking around, since the panel is to small to have any distractions in it.

Comic panel with background of Union Square and the new School

And here’s the actual drawing done as it’s own Movie Clip in Flash, since it’s a Movie Clip I can re-use it, re-size it and set the value of it to change in any way I want. Flash because it’s built with objects, move the drawing sometime from being about the making all the shapes work together to collaging your own drawings together. It makes it more fun to draw backgrounds and then put the people on another layer so you can have them in or out depending on the scene and time.

Comic panel with background of Union Square and the new School

And just some playing with the brightness.

Comic panel with background of Union Square and the new School

2 replies on “Drawing Comics with Adobe Flash-Backgrounds”

How would I go about learning Flash from you? I am
learning disabled but take a peek at my site, my skill as
a photographer is the flip side of ADD that makes it all
worth it. I am losing my mind on a daily basis learning
DW, hence my eternal search for truly basic{!] tutorials
and teachers with extreme patience.

Hey Martin,
Sorry for taking so long getting back to you as work and summer family stuff just blew me away the last month.

I looked at your site and thought “Why the heck do you want to learn Flash/Dreamweaver?” Sure you can enroll at The Academy of Art to get a degree in new Media online but what’s the point? You just need to update your site I would assume unless your looking to switch your careers.

I would find someone locally who can put your site into XML if you want to keep it in Flash or HTML in an easy way to update and then go back to taking photos. I’m not trying to blow you off just saying you make cool pics, doing the web stuff is a whole other field, Is there any reason you should be able to oil paint because you take photos? pay a pro to do the basics and teach you how to update will be cheaper in money an time wise then trying to learn how to do it all yourself.


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