Comics Drawing Jack Kirby

Drawing is hard

Jacks Costumes are just confusing to draw because there flat and sculpture.

Comics Jack Kirby Storytelling

A Kirby Throw Away Panel

It’s just a little riff of excellence as Jack Kirby cruises through his work this day. Places the talk at the top, juggle six people establish a couple of characters, set the crowd scene throw in some babes, balance it all nicely so you focus on one hunk, hero kind of guy. In it’s mastery it blows away all your nagging little concerns, it does it’s job really well and we get the next frame and go on with our story. 5 minutes of Jack’s time, maybe. Stop, enjoy, and look, you don’t get comics like this any more.

Comics Drawing Jack Kirby Storytelling

Forever People 1 last page

It’s hard saying drawing doesn’t matter in comics, so it’s hard to ignore how Jack’s work gets destroyed. The last page of Forever People 1 is one of those pages that makes you want to cry that Mike Royer wasn’t inking it. But lets look at Jack’s layouts.

Carabella Comics

2 Minutes to go

Carabella Online Comic Chapter 13-episode-9

Maybe the red guys have one last trick…

Episode 9 of Chapter 13 of Carabella’s Online Comic is here!

Written by Gerard Jones and drawn by Mark Badger

Buy it from NBM here!