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Damn! Why can’t I draw like this intentionally?

This is a layered work drawing from a project I am working on with Scott Lobdell, chopped into an abstract comic. Artists would really rather look at other artists sketch books, working drawings and roughs. The excitement of the not complete appeals to artists, probably because it shows how some one else makes all their thoughts. Every artist want’s to stop before they finish to keep the bounce in their process alive into the finished work. It’s always funny to see some poor kid trash an artist who has gotten looser and rougher as they get old. Artists know it take more balls and skill to do loose work then finished, a polished manicured well cross hatched surface is just the matter of sitting on your butt for endless hours. Brush strokes that are alive that takes a hundred years of sitting on your butt drawing.

So I wanted to cut my working drawing into an abstraction and see what it feels like. Because in thinking about patterns for abstraction I’m feeling something shifting between my “abstract” comics and my story comics.

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Hello Mark,
Dave Gray pointed at your existence in the to the Marks and Meaning discussion group., so I am briefly roaming your site now. I recognise this preference for long. Reading your thoughts suddenly makes me inderstand. It’s the ART aspect of sketches. Since they are more ambiguous, tehy are perceived moer as art. Ambiguity is THE distinctive factor. And good to have more Mark in the Marks and Meaning. 😉

Hi Harry,
thanks for posting.
I always look at ART as something that makes you look at the world in a different way, not sure I agree with you that ambiguity is the factor that makes them more art like. There’s some focussed relaxed mindfulness in sketches that transferring to finished work for audiences has historically always been really hard.


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