Resolve Yourself to Directed Thought

Depending on the translation the second step on Buddha’s path is right Resolve or Intention. Making the choice to do this one thing. In Buddhas case pay attention to the breath, in my case draw funny books. Often people think paying attention is no big deal and sex, exercise, hunting even cooking is the same thing as paying attention to the breath. In comics only writers think doing comics is no big deal and everyone else is overwhelmed by doing them. Even as a professional comics hack, I always thought doing comics was no big deal until I started trying to do my own.

But what meditation teaches is the actual skill of paying attention to one thing. Just setting your intention is a start but the mind always wanders off. As you focus on the breath you need to explore that idea, evaluate what it is doing and see how it works. In comics you need to evaluate the lines you are drawing, the shapes you are making, the story you are telling and is this sequence, panel all working. The third factor is singleness are you doing just this one thing.

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