Stop the Brain Farts

The worldly Winds howl into the brain and start generating farts as hit it, if I’m not careful I can spend the day farting. It’s like a circle of farts as Pleasure & Pain, Praise & Blame, Gain & Loss, Fame & Disrepute bounce my head around in circles from my own behavior to all the horrible demons I have to live with.

In meditation the most common solution to any problem is to go back to paying attention to the breath, the pleasure, refreshment and wonder of the breath coming in and going out. If you stop and watch, you can develop it like a craft, sure I’ve been breathing all my life but I haven’t paid any attention to it. It really is a learned skill to notice a small physical breath and what is pleasant in the breath and what exactly is unpleasant.

Everyone assumes that if you sit down to meditate the lotus pose and a little chanting empties out your skull. It’s never worked that way for me and the thoughts just keep popping up, what happens now is I see a thought and I don’t have to chase after it like a deranged hound dog. I just go back to my breath.

Unfortunately Worldly Wind Farts can often keep stinking up the place. That’s when the next paintbrush in the craft comes out.

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