Bayard Rustin

I am now in collaboration & co-conspiracy with the Bayard Rustin Center for Social Justice in the creation of an online platform to produce a series of web comix with other authors, artists, & activists to preserve the life & legacy of heretofore unrecognized queer civil rights pioneer Bayard Rustin & invite friends & allies to join us! Stay tuned, true believers…

Starting a new project

So I’m starting a new project.

My interest in Rustin stems from he is a lifelong organizer. With the calamities of the last few years (personal and political) my political activism had disappeared, I became one of those people who just couldn’t make phone calls, could barely write letters to other voters while I donated money that’s all. While usually people think of me as a cartoonist, maybe a dad, maybe a weird abstract artist my self-definition has been an activist since my late twenties.

The challenge is to do comics, make them political and see where it goes follow along.