Bayard Rustin

I am now in collaboration & co-conspiracy with the Bayard Rustin Center for Social Justice in the creation of an online platform to produce a series of web comix with other authors, artists, & activists to preserve the life & legacy of heretofore unrecognized queer civil rights pioneer Bayard Rustin & invite friends & allies to join us! Stay tuned, true believers…

Starting a new project

So I’m starting a new project.

My interest in Rustin stems from he is a lifelong organizer. With the calamities of the last few years (personal and political) my political activism had disappeared, I became one of those people who just couldn’t make phone calls, could barely write letters to other voters while I donated money that’s all. While usually people think of me as a cartoonist, maybe a dad, maybe a weird abstract artist my self-definition has been an activist since my late twenties.

The challenge is to do comics, make them political and see where it goes follow along.

Comics Martian Manhunter

Martian Manhunter

My brilliant career at DC Comics where I somehow thought I could do super heroes and abstraction and capture the energy I love in comics. I never could figure out why the editors hated me so much when I was young, but looking at this I get that I simply gave them no reference for what I was doing, they couldn’t see Frazetta, or Kirby or Neal Adams or whatever they thought the house style was. Looking at it now I’m stunned I ever worked in comics at all.

Abstract Comics Comics Drawing

Can abstract sex be “good”

So I have a style, as Chaykin says “I draw like I’m from another planet”, Stephen DeStefano says “I don’t draw like anyone else”. what I’m looking for is a way to codify my drawing develop a set of patterns in creating the work that allows me to develop the drawing in a way that I’m interested in that isn’t just re-working Jack and reworking Matisse or whoever. In art school you draw from the gut, technique meets that point where you throw out what is right and

Abstract Comics Comics Drawing

More Abstract Sex

Why is art right or good? because we set up a system of rules that we use to decide what is good. What entertains us, what we like, what impresses us. With representation it’s often the craft that makes us think, “wow that’s so cool, it looks real”. Just look at how Thomas Kinkade or any current comic book artist is judged.