Martian Manhunter

My brilliant career at DC Comics where I somehow thought I could do super heroes and abstraction and capture the energy I love in comics. I never could figure out why the editors hated me so much when I was young, but looking at this I get that I simply gave them no reference for what I was doing, they couldn’t see Frazetta, or Kirby or Neal Adams or whatever they thought the house style was. Looking at it now I’m stunned I ever worked in comics at all.

Sumi brush drawings 2 min poses

2 minute sumi brush drawings
2 minute sumi brush drawings

Life drawing again, it’s shocking tome how much my “comics” style is derived from life drawing and two minute poses. I guess Andy helfer and Carl Potts always liked my life drawing better then my comics. Andy had a tiny little office that was a rathole in the yellow zip-a-toned walls of DC, when they re-modeled post Watchmen growth his assistant pulled all sorts of my life drawings out of the piles of paper that amassed there.

Somewhere I have a photo of Kyle Baker and I bringing flowers for the death of Helfer’s office, ahh the old days.