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The process of drawing

A head of Carabella
A head of Carabella

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So am I right in assuming each color line is from a different stage in refining the drawing? I read somewhere that Harvey Kurtzman used that method (with tracing paper, I guess).

It’s basically a layer in Flash for black and read, the other colors are all in one layer. If you double click a Movie Clip it fades out all the other art so that’s what I use as my tracing paper.

Adobe nit-wits changed the group behavior in Flash, in the old days when you pressed cmd-g it grayed out everything and you could draw in a group, now nothing happens. SO I have to draw some, make a movie clip then double click on the movie clip to get the old grayed out way I like to work, much slower now.

And of course I’m probably the only person drawing in Flash like this

That’s frustrating. I don’t suppose it would work to keep two copies of Flash installed:

1) the old version of Flash for drawing in, which allows this CMD-G behavior
2) the new version of Flash, which you would import the art you created in the old version into for creating the up-to-date SWF

Probably even more of a pain-in-the-ass than your current workaround, was just a wild thought that came to me.

Just wanted to note that CONTROL-G key combo (I’m using a PC, our version of CMD-G) still does the greying-out-the-stage so you can draw in CS3 (I just tried it). Maybe they took this away only in CS4 (my client requires CS3 FLAs, so I haven’t upgraded yet).

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