Can abstract sex be “good”

So I have a style, as Chaykin says “I draw like I’m from another planet”, Stephen DeStefano says “I don’t draw like anyone else”. what I’m looking for is a way to codify my drawing develop a set of patterns in creating the work that allows me to develop the drawing in a way that I’m interested in that isn’t just re-working Jack and reworking Matisse or whoever. In art school you draw from the gut, technique meets that point where you throw out what is right and Read More

More Abstract Sex

Why is art right or good? because we set up a system of rules that we use to decide what is good. What entertains us, what we like, what impresses us. With representation it’s often the craft that makes us think, “wow that’s so cool, it looks real”. Just look at how Thomas Kinkade or any current comic book artist is judged.

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With Drawing as shape and form


In talking with Michael Fiffe for an interview I couldn’t quite explain what I was going for in my drawing. There’s a process to drawing, choosing a line length size and weight, that’s actual visual thinking. That process from Cezanne on has been part of painting, but because comics drawing is about creating icons that process is hidden. Drawing are done cleanly and the artist doesn’t “think”. The artist is creating a world so you shouldn’t actually see any thought. Time and time again I want to leave the thought in, but then the thought takes you out of the narrative and can comics have that kind of drawing?