Drawing Jack Kirby

Who’s Stronger Toth or Kirby?

New Gods copies pg 1 and 2

There’s been some very nice analytical articles on Alex Toth lately , by Jesse Hamm and Paul Fricke occasioned by some great reprint books and the bio of him, and it’s been making me wonder about focusing on Jack Kirby’s work, Toth is such a more elegant artist then Kirby, every line is literally a precise controlled thought out line. He’s a much finer craftsman then Jack meticulously telling his stories and relentlessly experimenting with the comics form and being an artist. But in the end Kirby’s work is more emotionally satisfying and powerful to me then Toth’s.

Comics Drawing

The Alex Toth is God , like “no duh, man”

A lesson for anyone who wants to do good storytelling with subject matter that is not the easiest thing to make dynamic in a hand drawn medium, cars.

Hot wheels at that

The Case of the Curious Cord