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The Alex Toth is God , like “no duh, man”

A lesson for anyone who wants to do good storytelling with subject matter that is not the easiest thing to make dynamic in a hand drawn medium, cars.

Hot wheels at that

The Case of the Curious Cord

One reply on “The Alex Toth is God , like “no duh, man””

Frickin’ awesome comic.

When I lived in Japan, I had Toth’s home address in Hollywood and wrote him from Japan–because some young dork with such an exotic address wrote him, he actually responded back with a nice, thoughtful letter about craft and etc. (typical of his usual rants but still) as well as a couple of small sketches. We shared a couple of letters in the 80s which I cherished, and in 86 when I returned to the States for a visit, I tried to visit him at home (no response to my phone calls or emails) and actually dropped by his home up there in the hills! Saw a mustachio-ed guy in a bathrobe inside but there was no response to my doorbell request. Ah, well!

Still my all-time favorite comics artist. I’d also put Mort Meskin up at the top, as well…and let’s not forget Mike Sekowsky while I’m at it for anything he did other than JLA.

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